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        The Mountain Club of Kenya was established in 1949. It is the only active mountaineering club in East Africa at present. They often organise trips, slideshows and lectures at their clubhouse located at Wilson Airport in Langata. There is a small annual membership fees for entry into the club. The club meets every Tuesday from 8:00 PM at their clubhouse. A newsletter is published monthly with climbing information and upcoming club events. There is a library situated at the club premises stocked with mountaineering books. The club publishes guidebooks and maps to certain areas. It might be cheaper to buy them from the club compared to the high street prices in the city.               

        The club owns three huts on Mt.Kenya: Teleki Valley Rescue Hut, Black Hole Bivvy and the Howell Hut. Please do not leave litter behind if using the huts. To use the huts contact MCK directly.  

Current MCK Books.

Guide to Mount Kenya and Kilimanjaro edited by Iain Allan. A fantastic book, a must to read when attempting either of the mountains.

Mountains of Kenya edited by Paul Clarke. A book with wealth of information about many mountains in Kenya.

Contact Information.

Website: http://www.mck.or.ke

Mountain Club of Kenya PO Box 45741, Nairobi.

Email: [email protected]

Please try to call on a Tuesday evening when the club meets.

Primary Tel. 501747 (evenings).


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